Upcoming Screenings

Idaho Horror Film Festival
October 18 @ 1:00pm
Boise, Idaho

The Egyptian Theater
Boise, ID
Saturday, October 18 @ 1pm

Open Wound Film Festival
October 25, 2015
Santa Fe, NM

Buffalo Thunder Casino and Resort
Santa Fe, NM
Saturday, October 25 @ 1:30pm

ShockPop Comic Con (GeekFest Film Festival)
February 13-15, 2015
Fort Lauterdale, Florida

Location: TBD. Check back soon!

*Cast & Crew in attendance!

Asians On Film Festival 2014
February 13-15, 2015
West Hollywood, Callifornia

Location: TBD. Check back soon!

*Cast & Crew in attendance!

Past Screenings

Other Venice Film Festival
October 11 @ 6:30pm
Venice, California

Beyond Baroque Literary Arts Center
Venice, CA
Saturday, October 11 @ 6:30pm

Oshkosh Horror Film Festival
October 5 @ 2:45pm
Oshkosh, Wisconsin

Time Community Theater
Oshkosh, WI
Sunday, October 5 @ 2:45pm

NOLA Horror Film Fest
September 25-28
New Orleans, Louisiana

Indywood Movie Theater
New Orleans, LA
screening dates and times to be announced!

Catalina Film Festival
September 27 @ 3pm
Catalina Island, CA

Avalon Theatre
Catalina Island, CA
Saturday, September 27 @ 3pm

Arizona Underground Film Festival
September 25 @ 9:20pm
Tucson, Arizona

The Screening Room
Tucson, AZ
Thursday, September 25 @ 9:20pm

Rose City Comic Con (Best of GeekFest Short Program)
September 21 @ 1pm
Portland, Oregon

Oregon Convention Center
Portland, OR
Sunday, September 21 @ 1pm

C4 - Ventura Comic Con (Best of GeekFest Short Program)
September 12 @ 7pm
Ventura, California

Ventura County Fairgrounds
Ventura , CA
Friday, September 12 @ 7pm

The Sydney Underground Film Festival (SUFF)
AUSTRALIAN PREMIERE - September 6 @ 2pm
Sydney, Australia

The Factory Theatre
Sydney, Australia
Sunday, September 7 @ 2pm


The L.A. Fear and Fantasy Festival
September 5 @ 12:30pm
Burbank, California

Victory Theater
Burbank, California
Friday, September 5 @ 12:30pm

*Cast & Crew in attendance!

The Underground Short Film Festival
IRISH PREMIERE - August 9-16
Cork, Ireland

Multiple Locations
Cork, Ireland
3 screenings throughout the festival!

HollyShorts Film Festival (HSFF)
August 14-23
Los Angeles, California

TCL Chinese Theaters
Hollywood, California
Saturday, August 16 @ 10pm

*Cast & Crew in attendance!

Lost Episode Festival Toronto (LEFT)
CANADIAN PREMIERE - July 5 - 6, 2014
Toronto, Canada

The Bloor Hot Docs Cinema
Bathurst, Toronto
Saturday, July 5 @ 11:45pm

FilmQuest 2014
UTAH PREMIERE - June 30 - July 5, 2014
Salt Lake City, Utah

Megaplex Theaters
Salt Lake City, Utah
Friday, July 4 @ 12:00 - 2am

*Cast & Crew in attendance!

Fester: The Mindf*ck Film Festival
WORLD PREMIERE - May 8, 2014
Los Angeles, California

Downtown Independent
Los Angeles, California
8:30pm (doors open at 8pm)

*Cast & Crew in attendance
*Q&A with the director to follow