Location Scout Photos: Wallace's House / by AJ Briones

With three shoot days and two locations left, I thought I would share some of our location scout photos with you. It has taken a good part of the year to find the perfect place, but I think we’ve done it.

What is now Wallace’s house started out as something completely different. In the outline and the first draft, it was an abandoned hospital. After the sticker shock of shooting at the abandoned hospital set in (what the fuck was I thinking!?), it became clear that we had to make a change. While making our main location at a house frees up our very limited budget, putting our principal characters in a barricaded house for our climax really gives us an opportunity to bring the allegory of the story home (pardon the pun). In the end, I’m really, really happy we made the compromise.

One place where we won’t be compromising, however, is in planning. While I storyboarded the opening sequence and the other remaining alley scene in March of 2012, we’re going to do a round of previs to really hone in and perfect the sequences. We’re well into the process of creating previs environments for both this set and the second alley scene now, and I’m really happy with how it’s all coming together.

Here are some pictures, straight from my iPhone. You can click on each image to enlarge.

Standing on the driveway, looking out toward the street.

Approaching the house from the long driveway.

Approaching the front door.

Looking out from the front door at the house across the street.

Next update I’ll show you our second alley location and give you a sneak peek at the previs environments. And please, don’t forget to interact with us directly and check out exclusive photos and content by liking our facebook page here. Thanks for looking!