Feels good man. / by AJ Briones

We started on this journey with a dream of telling Wallace's story of the Carolina Parakeet, and now that we are done, it's time to find an audience. I'm not going to lie to you: this is a nervous time for us. The film is done, it's a thing we are proud of, and now comes the time when we have to let it go to see if it can stand on its own legs.

The Film Festival submissions process is something completely new and alien to us, and the anxious feeling that comes with waiting to hear back is inescapable.

So when we do get good news, it's a pretty great feeling.

Thanks to the Asians on Film Festival for the laurels!

We received not only wins for Best Short (action/fantasy/sci-fi/horror) and Best Actor (Myles Cranford), but we also got an honorable mention for Best Director (A.J. Briones). Feels good man!

Check out the other winners here.

We will see you at the Asians on Film Festival in 2015!