We are excited to announce that CAROLINA PARAKEET is an Official Selection to the Los Angeles Fear & Fantasy Film Festival, and will be screening in Burbank some time on September 5-7!

We made this film to be seen, so we are very grateful and thrilled at every chance that we get to share it with an audience. This should be a very fun, and several members of the cast and crew will be present and in attendance!

About the Los Angeles Fear and Fantasy Film Festival

The Fear and Fantasy Film Festival supports films in all their incarnations, which includes films on social fear, films of fantasy, such as The Nightmare Before Christmas, Science Fiction fare, such as THX 1138, to hardcore genre films like 'Saw'. The festival encompasses all aspects of the genres by including student films, animation, feature films, shorts, cartoons, and anything related to the genres of Fear and Fantasy. An international screenplay competition is held as well, in which five scripts are awarded as 'The Best Un-produced Scripts' from the genres. Awards in numerous categories, including actors.

The festival is held at the Victory Theater in the heart of Burbank, California, with easy access to the Burbank Airport, shops, store, restaurants, and a variety of specialty stores filling the Burbank area, including Halloween Town, and Dark Delicacies.