Carolina Parakeet @ The Underground Short Film Festival - Tickets On Sale Now - / by AJ Briones

The 4th Annual Dare Media Underground Short Film Festival, August 9-16 in Cork, Ireland

The 4th Annual Dare Media Underground Short Film Festival, August 9-16 in Cork, Ireland

To our dear friends in Ireland: Tickets are now on sale for the 4th annual Underground Short Film Festival in Cork, Ireland!

Screening schedule dates and times have not yet been officially announced, but we are guessing that we will be screening on their Sci-Fi/Horror night at the Camden Palace on Sunday, August 10th at 8:30pm!

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This year, they have a fantastic program spread over 8 evenings, including 2 nights of double-bill Drive-in Cinema screenings with iconic films: Alien, Jaws, Back to the Future and Dirty Dancing!

We would love to take a flight out to join in the festivities, unfortunately, no cast or crew can make it out for this festival. If you are one of the lucky ones that can make it, please take plenty of pictures and send them off to us! If you do, we will post the photos on the website and send you a limited edition print of our poster, illustrated by Dave Wilkins!

About the Underground Short Film Festival

The 4th Annual UnderGround Short Film Festival is almost upon us and we simply cant wait! 

We are delighted to have been asked to take part in Indiependence Music and Arts festival from August 1st to 3rd for the 2nd year in succession where we will be showing a selection of music videos and short films from previous years!

Then from August 9th-16th, UnderGround Kicks off as over 700 hundred cinema-goers are expected to attend 20 screenings  of films from 16 countries across 8 days and nights.

For the first time we will screening feature films as well as shorts. We are dlelighted to be the first film festival in the city to bring a Drive-In Cinema to Cork City for two nights! Classic movies that have inspired filmmakers for generations that will be on show will include; Alien, Jaws, Back To TheFuture and Dirty Dancing!

Learn more about the Underground Short Film Festival on their website at