Carolina Parakeet Previsualization Compare Reel / by AJ Briones

Take a look at the previsualization compare reel for two key sequences in Carolina Parakeet.

SPOILER ALERT: There are some spoiler-ific scenes here, so please be warned.

What is Previsualization?

Previsualization, or Previs (sometimes called Previz) is the iterative process of visualizing a complex shot or sequence of shots using computer animation tools. Typically, a previs supervisor and his team of artists work closely with the director to achieve this.

In the case of Carolina Parakeet, this was done over a couple of weekends with a small team who helped out wherever they could. Writer/Director A.J. Briones created the previs, with Todd Patterson putting together a couple of zombie walk cycle animations to help out. The sets were modeled using measurements taken from the actual shooting locations.

In the end, the previs was used as a guide to inform the shoot. It allowed us to shoot quickly and with confidence. In fact, we were able to shoot both complete sequences in one shoot day.

CAROLINA PARAKEET is a short horror film that is currently making the film festival circuit. Our next screenings are at the Los Angeles Fear and Fantasy Festival in Burbank (9/5/2014), The Sydney Underground Film Festival (9/6/2014), Ventura Comic Con (9/12-9/14/2014), Rose City Comic Con (9/20-9/21/2014), the Catalina Film Festival (9/27/2014) and more.