Australian Premiere at SUFF 2014, Tickets on Sale NOW! / by AJ Briones

We are super excited about our Australian Premiere at the Sydney Underground Film Festival! Tickets are now on sale, and we will be screening at the Factory Theatre on Saturday September 6 at the 2pm Apocalyptic shorts block!

You can purchase tickets directly from the Factory Theatre by clicking here!

You can also read about the other films screening with Carolina Parakeet at SUFF's Apocalyptic Block page.

About The Sydney Underground Film Festival

The festival programs unique, quality independent films that transgress the status quo and challenge the conservative conventions of filmmaking. The festival is devoted to renewing local interest in independent and experimental film as part of an international underground film culture and aims to change an ingrained culture of cinematic complacency and revitalise an enthusiasm for cinema..

The Sydney Underground Film Festival is dedicated to nurturing an alternative film culture through the promotion of independent and experimental films. The festival seeks to support filmmakers (especially those who operate outside established film industry infrastructures) by providing a platform for exhibition, exposure and critical discussion.

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