Official Selection - Sacramento Horror Film Festival 2014 / by AJ Briones

Sacramento, we are coming! Carolina Parakeet is an Official Selection to the Sacramento Horror Film Festival! We will be screening at the Historic Colonial Theatre on the weekend of October 10-12!

SHFF is going to be an amazing experience, including a "Zombie, Creature & Monster Costume, Makeup & Character Pageant," makeup & FX workshops, musical performances, panels, fantastic shadow cast screenings of Troll 2 and Repo! The Genetic Opera, and much more!

Tickets are available now! You can purchase a full 3-day pass or get individual screening passes.

Pre-sale 3-day passes are available by clicking here!

About the Sacramento Horror Film Festival

The Sacramento Horror Film Festival was created in 2007 with many purposes. The festival founder desired the festival to be a platform for the horror filmmaker while providing a satisfying and valued movie going experience to the film patron.  

The SHFF screens more films over fewer days than any other horror film festival thus providing a greater chance for exposure for the horror filmmaker. We have a profound dedication to the horror genre. The festival screens all things horror including features, shorts, documentaries, music videos, trailers, and animations.  

It is our mission to promote the independent filmmaker, his/her projects and talent therein, while offering an unique and entertaining cinematic experience to fans of the horror genre while further establishing Sacramento as a city of the arts.  

The SHFF was acclaimed for being "The Best Place for a Real Horror Show" in the "2008 Best of: Unauthorized" issue of the Sacramento News & Review.  

Find out more about SHFF on their website at