Official Selection - Oshkosh Horror Film Festival / by AJ Briones

We are proud to announce that Carolina Parakeet is an Official Selection to the Oshkosh Horror Film Festival (OHFF), held at the Time Community Theater in Oshkosh, Wisconsin!  The festival will take place on the weekend of October 4-5, and we will be screening on Sunday, October 5 at 2:45pm for Shorts Block 2!

Check out the full schedule here:

You can check out the full slate of Feature Films here:

You can also check out the full slate of Short Films, us included, here:

About the Oshkosh Horror Film Festival

The objective of the OHFF is simple: showcase independent horror. Both feature length and short films will be shown. There will be no awards for the films and no contests held. We are not a flashy festival. The OHFF is a clear cut event to do nothing more than celebrate independent horror. If you’re a filmmaker with an ego, this fest might not be for you. Sincerely.

Learn more about OHFF on their website at